Is a Facebook Page Necessary?

As a writer I wonder, is a Facebook page necessary? The more I ask that question, the more I consider the idea that an online presence can sometimes do more harm than good. Unless you are a social media writer or a public relations person selling an online presence to businesses, a Facebook page may just be a place that people ‘like’ as a show of support, and then forget about unless the writer is constantly boosting posts into their news-feeds.

As a creative writer who self-publishes books but earns a living mostly off of technical writing and consulting, I wonder if potential employers are looking at my various profiles and pages trying to figure out if I am a ‘good fit’ for their company. If they are, they might find conflicting ideas of who I am or become confused about what I am trying to achieve. They may not understand the dichotomy of a creative writer and a technical editor—two separate disciplines I learned at separate times in my academic years.

Like all writers I suppose, I have the dream of being a financially successful author, but I also know that my writing is rather eclectic and often misunderstood—subject to the American disease of taking satire too seriously. I’m not an extroverted freelancer who feeds off of social media interaction or feels good about pleasing business people. My creative writing is a far world apart from my professional-minded writing.

I suppose the biggest ‘rebranding’ of writing is the notion of a writer as an extrovert trying to fit into society and please as large an audience as possible. This is opposed to the old idea of a writer as an introvert trying to point out some problems and speak to people one-on-one. I know I will never compete with the extroverted writer, and a Facebook page sometimes feels like a feckless attempt to do so. So I wonder, would getting rid of my Facebook page be more in line with the type of writer I see myself as?


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