An Excerpt from ThunderBird Talking

A short excerpt from ThunderBird Talking: From Beyond the Proverbial Grave—a followup to ThunderBird Walking. Where the first book was about the free-spirited years hiking the Canyon, the second book deals with going back home again to deal with family.

On my way to the Gate of Heaven. A Mini Cooper, my transport of choice, scoots along a four-lane divided road to where I’ll pass through a stone arch and be among the dead. I always knew this would happen, but I never thought it would be like this. I’m only going for a visit, to see lost family and friends before getting on with my life.

My heart still beats in my chest; my eyes aren’t as sharp as they used to be but are more than adequate to stay in my lane. I’m still alive. Gate of Heaven is a cemetery where a number of people I have known lay beneath human-made stone monuments. I’m talking into a voice recorder because it’s better than muttering to myself, and I’ll type my thoughts into a computer later. Technology caught up to me or I to it, and I have realized there’s so much more to say about my life.

I thought death would find me at a young age, as is the usual lot for free-spirited people; I hoped that perhaps the end of life would come walking a dusty, old trail in Grand Canyon, but now it seems more likely to be from a heart attack or a car crash or some other subterfuge of post-modern existence. So I’m talking to you from beyond the grave—not mine, mind you, but that of the thunderbird that saw me through an awakening. He’s back in spirit from the ashes to try and fly again, to explain what all that walking was about, to annotate that ThunderBird Walking experience for those who couldn’t parse the language of peaceful rebellion. I’m driven to dumb it down for the masses—that’s the call of this epoch of my life—to say those things left with me after the thunderbird let go of me.


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