Ingrate Writers

Does America hate its writers? If so, Why? Maybe this isn’t exactly a revelation. There’s lots of hate in America these days, so why should writers be exempt from it? I guess this is on my mind because I recently got new insights on the reasons why people don’t like the personality traits of writers. And why they might push them away and leave them on their own.

Let’s face it, writers are an insecure lot who have an incessant need to pick apart people’s personalities. In some ways, a writer is like a psychiatrist, except they hide behind the idea of being creative and reaching some kind of deeper connection. I know if I deconstruct others too incessantly, I will be cast out into the wilds alone—that place where writers thrive and die.

I can’t help myself sometimes, especially when I see a shine of spirit so bright that I am drawn to the light. I become a slave to my personality. After so many years of watching the level of openness in our society drop to ridiculous lows, I feel an urge to speak up more than ever—to shine a light on the deeper person and poke at them in a good ‘I get you’ way. My excuse is that I am an incessant person by nature. I pick people apart and reconstruct them as if they are characters in a work of fiction. My bad.

Like everyone, I try to let my spirit light shine through the bars of my ego cage and not blind people with my insights or cast too many shadows. Mostly I fail, but I hold out hope the world will always save a place for ingrate writers.


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