A New Writing Space

Does a new writing space make a difference? I’ve moved about 2 miles down the road in Tucson into a smaller place (with a bigger private yard), and I’ve been setting up my new writing space. Same desk, same computer, but I am hoping that I can get more writing done than was happening in my old space.

I kind of get stir crazy after a few months in the same office or writing space. Mostly I just rearrange the furniture or add something new. In my last place I moved my writing desk into another room, and lucky thing that I did. A few days later a big storm hit and the roof leaked right over where my desk and computer had been. I can’t say the move into another room changed the sense of stagnation I felt with my writing. I’ve fallen into a bit of a rut here in Tucson.

I’m one of those strange people who needs a sense of purpose to the work that I’m doing. If I lack that I get kind of lackadaisical in other facets of my life, a sense of lethargy sets in. My motivation to write creatively suffers. Right now I am caught up in rather boring tech writing work while looking for more contracts…trying to transition back to academic and educational writing, but this is Arizona, one of them red states that keeps cutting education and telling people to arm themselves.

So I gave myself another year in Tucson here because of the great hiking and the friends I have, but after that I think I need to find something with more purpose, maybe get out of the country to do some kind of philanthropic work. Get somewhere to live small and write freely, which more than ever seems to be following the brain drain to some distant shore. I’d rather see my efforts benefit someone less fortunate, than stay in America amidst the feeling that everything I do only makes the too-well-off ever more well off. Not sure if I can find purpose again, but I’ve given myself a new writing space and a year to see what changes I can manifest.

Still got those same two projects on the burner. They feel done in my mind and there’s quite a bit written out, so I hope this space inside, this private yard outside, and the trails into the canyons and mountains inspire me…and lead to something that feels filled with more purpose.


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