Third Person Point of View

I wrote this a couple years back. It originally was part of some wikipedia efforts of mine to improve apocryphal (or rebranded) information there under the heading of Alternating person view in the entry under narrative styles. This was up there for 9 months before the original wikipedia writer got all butthurt about it, saying I should have my own page. So much for encyclopedia by committee. This comes from a creative writing curriculum taught in the 1980s by a prof with an MFA in Creative Writing. These days in America most writing courses are taught by idiots on the subject or an English teacher forced into extra service. Anyway… Continue Reading

Relationship Types

I think I often go through life as if other people know stuff that I learned, then I realize that a lot of the arts and humanities were eliminated from American schools in the 1980s and 90s. I hate the idea of ’splaining to other people, but it seems there’s a whole lot about relationships that’s been lost or twisted around in strange ways. So this is a summary of things I learned some time ago. Continue Reading