Writers and Their Teeth

I originally blogged this on my previous blog (now gone) back on January 11, 2011. This follows up on yesterday’s post about the writer’s life. I think it is a shame the way that writers (and actors and many creative professions) have to face the feast or famine reality attached to pursuing a creative life. I have often wondered why super rich actors or producers don’t bargain for a better pay ratio for everyone working on their movies. (Same thing with football players related to stadium workers.) Anyway, we have met the creators of the have and have nots in America, and it is us.
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The (Barefoot) Writer’s Life

The writer’s life, we all have an idea of what that means. It has something to do with following a passion for ‘the word’ or self expression and getting paid for it. I think we all know accomplishing that is easier said than done, but in general writers are dreamers, and we hold onto the idea that the writing gods might smile special upon us, if only…. And of course people are out there to feed on that dream or take it down a path that is ‘the writer’s life’ in name only. Continue Reading