FREE eBook: Wildcat Branch

Here’s a free ePub ebook! Wildcat Branch! This link will bring you to a download button. After downloading the file, open it in Adobe Digital Editions — link to a free e-reader.

This is a screenplay I wrote many years ago, now turned into a short novel. It’s a dark detective drama with a female lead character that some have compared to an episode of ‘The X-Files’ or an old movie called ‘The Eyes of Laura Mars’. It’s a bit on the graphic side, especially for those who have read screenplays and learned to visualize this kind of writing in their mind’s eye. R rated or intended for mature audiences!

My writing tends to touch on a lot of issues and emotions. This touches on #massacres #policeshootings #guns #media #redskins #clairvoyance #sexuality #rituals #sexism #racism #dreams #science #salamanders #cats #toxoplasmosis

Here’s the extended blurb originally for Amazon — It can be seen on Goodreads here.

Wildcat Branch Creek flows past a wooded mount with a secret history. Detective Jessie Clarendon’s first case draws her into a world where those secrets are rising to the surface.

While investigating a ritualized killing in an apartment littered with leaves and dirt, Detective Clarendon quickly finds her first clue—a black and white salamander that connects the murderer to a spooky spot of land up-county. Her partner and the other men on the force are skeptical of her, thinking she is making connections where none exist. The investigation leads to an old psychiatrist who is keeping secrets—and each clue brings Jessie closer to ‘seeing’ a forgotten moment from history. But hearing the whispers of lost souls crying out from Wildcat Woods comes with a price, the more you know the crazier you become.

A cinematic novel or novella is a relatively new idea that adapts visual language and other elements from the film world into a prose fiction format. In this case, the writer uses the narrative style of a screenplay but made some of the visuals and action more literary. Set amid the winding back roads of the Seneca Creek area of Montgomery County, Maryland, the cinematic style allows the spooky atmosphere of Wildcat Branch to come to life in the mind of the reader.

If you have any problems with ePub file, let me know in the comments. It looks good on my machines. (The kindle version on Amazon has been removed because I could never get the preview to look right. There may also be links in the book that are now dead.) BTW, if you know someone who wants to adapt this to TV or Film, let me know.


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