Throwing It Back to 2001

I’ve been blogging and writing on the internet for a long time. Most of that is archived on my computer. I went back to the very beginning and found my first website. I wrote it as html code in a text editor and uploaded it. I even created a blog of sorts where I presented stories I wrote on scrolling pages that had html links between them.

This was before blogging platforms like blogger and WordPress were around. It was kind of wonky and kind of cool because it actually worked. No one really took interest, and I lost the window to make something of my talents. It’s true what they say, idealists don’t do too well after 40. I thought that might all change with my generation, but instead it seems we doubled down on the negatives and forgot how to be cool with each other.

Anyway here are a couple of screen caps of that original website (using a different pen name at that time). This is the front page and the html blog I created way back in 2001. I guess you could say I invented the blog. lol

The front page:


The story page — my first blog:



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