Depression or Bad Karma?

“Depression and karma were running a race, one tripped over the other and fell flat on their face.”

The question is, which one tripped? Better yet, is depression largely the result of bad karma?

The way the world used to work: if you felt depressed for no good reason, you went to a psychologist to talk about it and maybe they stuck you on some antidepressants. While taking the meds, you were supposed to see the shrink once a week or so, identify the triggers for the depression and work on not creating them. So in essence, the idea was that your depression was being created by behavior toward yourself and others, bad karma for fears you repressed or things you did and conveniently forgot about. The idea being, if you expanded your memory arc and awareness you could eventually get off the meds by confronting your fears and being a better person naturally.

I got off that whole merry-go-round a long time ago because focusing on the negative didn’t seem to lead to happiness. I can’t say I know (or care to know) how such things are handled these days, but it seems that people self-diagnose depression and then go find a medication doctor. There’s a sense that depression is something that can be medicated away, and there’s no need to find triggers or change your behavior or become a better person. The doctors are basically pushers telling people that pharmaceuticals are the cure-all.

This seems to be a common approach to mental or emotional disorders these days, whether depression or adhd or whatever. ‘It’s the doctor’s fault’ or ‘my medication levels weren’t balanced’. I imagine there are still people who deal with issues and never go blaming, and actually do feel bad for making others feel bad, and they try to be better people. But what of the ones with the ready pharmaceutical excuse? If a person said to you, “Sorry for being an ass the other day, my meth levels were out of whack,” would you say, “Oh sure, no problem, I understand”? Or might you say something to them about changing their life or getting da-fuk away from you? Why is it when it comes to depression or whatever diagnosis, saying something is considered insensitive to their mental illness…? Take your pill? Smoke some pot for christ sakes!

The good news. If you hurt someone’s feelings and feel bad about it later, there’s hope for you! If a bout of depression hits, try thinking back 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, or a year. You might find that it’s just a ripple of something that happened at those intervals. Take it from a writer who keeps journals and developed their memory by looking at their own ripples. Set an alarm or a reminder when something bad happens and see if the feelings crop back up right on cue. I guarantee you’ll be surprised. And the cure? Connect the feeling back to the event. Feel it and deal with it.

I see people do things in three week arcs completely oblivious to how they set themselves up to feel that way. And the year long karma ripples…screaming about something connected to a bad move pulled a year ago? WOW! take a step back and look at your life…or drop another chill pill and forget again until that ripple becomes a tidal wave.


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