Where Have All the liberal Free-thinking Writers Gone?

This is a throwback to 07/07/2007. Ahh the ever-changing meaning of the word ‘liberal’ in America. It’s advisable to limit the use of adjectives in your writing for this reason alone: adjectives change meaning a lot. In the case of the word ‘liberal’ it kind of glues itself to the word it’s modifying. Liberal politician, liberal arts, liberal christian. The word changes so much that it has literally become a noun. Anyway after the dark theme of the last post, I thought maybe this says the same thing in a humorous and lighter tone.

Where Have All the liberal Free-thinking Writers Gone?

Where are all the liberal free-thinker writers? Those fools who live free, live to write and question those taken for granted ways of living that the masses follow like a domesticated herd?

I’m not referring to the Moore’s and Franken’s of the world with their big research staffs and their corporate sold books lampooning conservatism. Not Liberal with a capital “L”. Rather small “l” liberal thinkers who are independent and “anti”-herd. There once was a loose network of “other-respectful” liberal free thinkers, was there not? And now that seems gone.

But where? Where have all those foolish hearts who love nature, love living unencumbered (i.e., hate cucumbers), and love and adore free-thinking women gone? Have they finally recognized there’s no money in it and sold out of the poverty trap? Have they become too respectful to ride the financial coattails of a working woman in exchange for a place to live and write and drag her down? Have they become real men at last? Or have they grown long beards and retreated into the wilds, content not to stir things up? Are they truly free at last?

I think we need them back. The masses have gotten stupid and gullible…afraid to question. We are all like bovines in a field, with a touch of mad-cow and possibly Alzheimer’s. We could use a new voice or two to turn us a different way, to shine a new light on darkness, to challenge us out of our apathy. So I wonder where they are hiding. Where have all the liberal free thinking writers gone?


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