Why Trump Might Win

7/21/2016 2:20pm (5 minutes) — Well, someone finally said it, and I agree. Unless people wake up, Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. So you look at the numbers right now and smirk because it doesn’t compute logically, but this election is not about logic. It’s about emotion.

It’s also true that the only thing that might defeat Trump is satire, and yet the progressives/liberals of today have no real clue about satire as a tool to defeat fascism. They think ridicule is the way, but untempered ridicule is a disempowering thing for those who practice it. Time after time I see the pride of progressives disempower them. I saw it in North Carolina before that state went down the crazy rabbit hole it is now trying to dig itself out of. I see it with every move that Trump makes that solidifies votes in his block and makes others think of voting third party.

The truth is that I see it in myself. As I wrote some time ago, if Trump is still a viable candidate in November, I will strongly consider voting for him. Not because I agree with him or because I think he will be good for America, but because if a supposed progressive cannot put him away by a long shot, it’s better to vote for what we are rather than for what we delude ourselves to be. You can’t make real changes until you bottom out and see your true reflection. Inability to see ourselves is why Trump might win.