A New Direction

I’ve been pondering a new direction to go, and I’ve decided to change course on a lot of things including this blog. There are several things I practice in relation to writing that I am letting go of or changing.

One thing I learned long ago is that writers ought never waste time explaining themselves, but it seems like assumptions people have made leave me wanting to explain, not necessarily about myself, but more about my approach to the art of writing. Yes, the ‘art’ of writing. So forgive me if it appears I am dumbing things down and doing some ‘splaining, but it seems that’s where we are in America these days.

I also may be getting more vulgar in this blog, and certainly in the book I am writing. This again is a function of the times we live in. Having been in a group of people where there was lots of innuendo and vulgar language, and having been the subject of gossip that I have ‘…isms’ or whatever because I didn’t ‘fall in line’ with the trite and simple-minded rhetoric, it seems I need to ‘go there’ as it were. I remember learning that excessive vulgarity is a sign of a weak mind and weak writer, so maybe that’s what I’ve become. I think though that it’s more of a reflection of America than leading people down a dark path.

One of the things I wish to explore is the idea of ‘psyche’ from its original roots back in Greek theatre. Psychology—the pseudoscience—stole some ideas from the role-playing arts, attaching notions of judgement and normalcy to them, but I once learned about the wider ideas behind that. Along these lines I also want to delve into the differences between autobiographical fiction and ‘reality television’, as it seems people are confused…same thing with the use of a pen name, confusing rhetorical writing, blogs, and satire with a sort of forced academic argument.

I also plan to put forward some quotes or short passages from my books, maybe make some memes, and explain where I am coming from. Not that anyone really asked or seems all that interested, but maybe it will motivate me to get back to work on my anthology and second novel.

Not sure how all this will unfold, maybe I’ll reverse course and disappear into the falling blue sky, but it seems like something to aspire to at least.


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