Punch a Nazi!???

In the ‘old’ America, people of an ideological viewpoint acted to reel in those people on their own ‘side’ that had strayed from the truer understanding. McCain does this to Trump, and so in that tradition as a writer who studied the civil rights movement in depth, I wanted to take on this idea rising in the culture of “Punch a Nazi.”

I suppose people will do whatever they want, no matter what I might write here, but the idea of punch a nazi isn’t in keeping with the civil rights movement or anything that Martin Luther King, Jr. might have espoused. It’s kind of stupid actually. It’s much better to let neonazis speak because they end up sounding like idiots. But now we have this thing called punch a nazi designed to shut them up.

The false equivalence in America is out of control. One big false equivalency is that neonazis are like the real nazis of World War Two Germany. They’re not. They have no power; they are poorly educated, and they are no where near ready to take over the world. They ended up wantonly crashing a car into people and crying after their big outing in Charlottesville didn’t go as planned. The real Nazis took over Europe. We (i.e., free thinking peoples) already defeated the monster that neonazis dream about reviving. They’re necrophiliacs. Best thing is to ignore them or make fun of them in a non-confrontational way.

There’s also false equivalence related to ‘civil rights’ struggles. I saw articles and a meme comparing the arrest of a woman who toppled a confederate statue to Rosa Parks …seems kind of ridiculous. Rosa Parks didn’t destroy property. She refused to give a bus seat to a man. Look at that statement: she refused to give a bus seat to a man…and was arrested for it.

There’s another meme I saw that shows troops landing on D-day and compares them to the counter-protesters in Charlottesville. Again, a bit on the ridiculous side. The soldiers on D-day weren’t going to punch a nazi or confront protestors they disagreed with; they were going into a battle that by most opinions should have been lost. They were going to die for freedom. Find an old history book to read rather than making stupid memes…time better spent.

People who are so weak minded that they want to punch a nazi seem to know little-to-nothing about the real struggles of the civil rights movement in America or World War Two. The provocation faced by MLK and others was so much worse and so much more entrenched that anything that could or would happen today in our world. And that is thanks to the past sacrifices of people who engaged in both nonviolence and violence (war) as means for positive change.

So now I imagine I will be equated with the ‘orangutang in chief’, or people will say I am defending old whitey. No. There’s no such thing as old whitey. There’s just people, and many of them are finding stupider and stupider reasons to punch each other.

Americans can and will do whatever they want. Hopefully some of them will decide to make themselves smart again.


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