Leave It On Blacketts

I hiked to the top of Blacketts Ridge in Sabino Canyon, Tucson, today in the not so great time of 1:19. I really need to get back to hiking regularly, and I prefer hiking solo. I’ve not been hiking so much because of all the heaviness I carry with me. Not only in the extra 20 pounds, but in the thoughts about that old hiking group I escaped over a year back now. Continue Reading

Six Flags

A solicitor showed up to my door about a week ago. He looked to be about 15 years old. He had a blue tub full of something, maybe candy bars. He handed me a card with some information on it and started his practiced spiel. I’m doing a fundraiser to get to Six Flags Amusement Park in California. I looked at the card, a fine laminated card it was, and I watched him prepare to open the tub to reveal the goodies, but I had already lost patience. Continue Reading