Six Flags

A solicitor showed up to my door about a week ago. He looked to be about 15 years old. He had a blue tub full of something, maybe candy bars. He handed me a card with some information on it and started his practiced spiel. I’m doing a fundraiser to get to Six Flags Amusement Park in California. I looked at the card, a fine laminated card it was, and I watched him prepare to open the tub to reveal the goodies, but I had already lost patience.

So I told him I wasn’t interested. Cut him off a little rudely, but I figured that was better than letting him go on and then shutting him down. He looked at me deflated and said “You haven’t even seen what I’m selling.” True, but it’s not really about what you are selling, is it? The thing that turned me off was that he was trying to get to Six Flags Amusement Park.

If you look online, Six Flags seems like a wonderful place. A day pass is about $70, but when I checked the website they are on sale for $25 off, and there were ways to win free tickets. Where are this kid’s parents? Why should I pay for him to go to an amusement park?

I remember these kinds of fundraisers when I was younger. Usually they were for some kind of school trip, going to a museum or a camp. I remember someone was doing one to go to space camp in Houston, and that seemed cool. That seems like something I could get behind because there’s learning involved, but Six Flags? Is that a learning experience that I should be helping to pay for?

Poor rich kid. I mean he had to be somewhat rich to be coming to my door to raise money to go to an amusement park. I suppose his parents or some teachers at the school put him up to it, to go door-to-door as a learning experience, to understand something about economics. I’m sure he would have better luck up in the Catalina Foothills instead of midtown where there’s a lot of rental units. He probably lives up there in a very fine house with two cats in the yard.

It seems strange that I am supposed to help pay for some kid to go to an amusement park. I’m not even sure I can afford healthcare next year. I imagine his parents probably just got a tax cut, while I’m going without healthcare for January while I reconcile my expenses from last year to see if I can afford healthcare again starting in February or March.

I’m not a patient person these days, but maybe I should have at least seen what he had in his fine blue tub before closing the door.


2 thoughts on “Six Flags

  1. We get a ton of door to door stuff here in Utah. I put a no solicitor sign up on the door and if a solicitor knocks I just go out on the porch, turn around and stare at it.

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