The Final Walk

I hold this idea in my mind of a final walk into Grand Canyon, never to return. It’s not to the level of a plan, just an idea that persists of how to face the end of all things. It comes to mind a lot more these days, as it does during unfulfilling times. I lost the thread in life that kept me, and it feels like time to let go of this earthly realm, to cease these patterns that didn’t amount to anything worthy of love. Continue Reading


Working out the Kinks

This is a blog post that dates back to last decade. It sums up my three-year look into the world of online dating in its infancy. I think that knowing so much about relationships (by studying them in humanities classes) actually makes having one harder. People sometimes feel I am studying them. (And I guess I am. Aren’t we all?) They’d rather live in ‘ignorant’ bliss than ‘knowing’ bliss. Oh well, throwing it back to many years ago with my take on the fledgling internet dating scene. Continue Reading

Spoiled with Music

I honestly confess that I shed a tear today upon hearing that Prince passed away at age 57. I’m not exactly sure why. I was never a big Prince fan, but his music did hold a place within me. I think my sorrow had to do with the intersection of three things: the sorry state of popular American music today, being so spoiled with music in my life that someone as dedicated and talented as Prince wasn’t all that important to me, and most importantly thinking about the creativity and love of music that many of my personal friends have shared with me. Continue Reading

An Alternative Theory for the Extinction of the Dinosaurs

Throwing it back to March 8, 2013…. I just spent some time going over old blogs, and I found some strange and humorous stuff I used to write. Everything feels so serious lately, so I thought I’d pull some of this old stuff out to break up the dredge of darker tone I take these days. This was originally part of a blog called The Writers Room that I kept from July 2009 to July 2013.
Continue Reading

The Wishing Tree

In my younger days, I was something of a spiritual nut-job. If you went out into the wilderness and saw a fool being shamanic or playing a spirit drum, that might have been me. Over the last few years I got away from that. I didn’t exactly lose faith. I never had much to begin with. It’s just that the feeling had gone away. I needed to be more practical, so I kind of put the drum aside for a while. Continue Reading

Politics, Obamacare and Eugenics

Obama didn’t originally want the Affordable Care Act, so it’s ironic that its nickname is Obamacare. He wanted a single payer system of universal health care, but the political realities forced him into a compromise. I believe that he thought (as he said when running in 2008) that the mandate would be ruled unconstitutional, and that once it was struck down he would have a healthcare plan without funding. Congress would be faced with having to cut off healthcare to children and many others or they would have to adopt a single payer method to pay for it. Justice Roberts changed his vote on the Supreme Court case at the last minute, calling the mandate a tax, preserving the hold of insurance companies on our healthcare system. Continue Reading

Suicide is Painless

The apparent suicide of Robin Williams is a great tragedy. He was certainly a guy tuned into the collective humour of humanity. He felt things deeply and brought people together in laughter.

Unfortunately, I’ve been seeing an idea offered in the media that his death means creativity and suicide are connected. What an antiquated, wrong notion. Continue Reading

The Scribe Talk Blog

This is my new blog focused on my writing projects. Unlike previous blogs I’ve done, I won’t be going off on satirical rants or sharing my perspectives on issues, mostly because people take satire too seriously these days and my perspectives are as fleeting as whispers on the wind. I’m tired of the whole faux pundit games people play, so much so that one of my projects is a fictional pundit book taking jabs at my own former seriousness.

I plan to share excerpts from my fiction and thoughts about the writing process, giving some insight on where my ideas come from and how ‘fiction’ differs from ‘reality’. The end goal is to complete the two projects currently at the forefront of my writing life, but as a creative writer I know that things don’t always go according to plan. I also know that my books don’t exactly fit a demographic or speak to a particular audience, so they will exist in a sort of no-man’s land—as I imagine this blog will too. I’m good with that. Just more cryptic w(h)it.

In brief, my two projects are:

ThunderBird Talking: From Beyond the Proverbial Grave

As you might guess by the title, this is a followup to my first novel ThunderBird Walking: A Grand Canyon Ghost Story. I think my first book flew way over people’s heads; I’ve heard little from people I know personally, and the writer’s group I shared excerpts with seemed uncomfortable with it even while understanding the story and praising some of the writing. The silence has been amazing, and I found that there was a lot of talking I wanted to do about all that walking, explaining what the book meant. Robbed of good conversation and a sense of community, I found this book coming to the forefront a great deal sooner than I imagined a sequel to TBW might. So this is my anti-pundit pundit book dumbing down my first novel, mostly for myself.

The Ponds of Expatria: An Anthology of Shorts with Thoughts on the Craft of Creative Writing

This book is an anthology of short stories that I wrote in creative writing classes back in the 80s with a few new stories written more recently. In addition to these stories, I plan to add thoughts on the craft of creative writing (and specifically the horror genre) as I learned it all those years ago. I cannot fathom how anyone studying the written word in American today can weed through all the apocryphal information on the internet and come to understand the art of writing. Obviously, I never succeeded professionally as a creative writer—my voice being so odd—but revisiting these old stories and having some new ones come to life has been a nice experience, so I wanted to capture that in a book.

As a rule of thumb, I might post here about twice a month—maybe a little more in the beginning as I have already completed a chapter of the new novel and the short stories are already written. I’m not much of a moderator so the posts may not allow comments or I may not reply to them. I’m not expecting much traffic here; I hope you get something from this blog if you choose to read it.