Star Trek Re-Discovery

I just finished streaming the first season of Star Trek Discovery with a free week of CBS All Access on Amazon. This is a personal review of the show and thoughts connected to ‘Trek’— spoilers ahead. Let me say up front, lest I sound a bit arrogant or fan-boyish, that once upon a time I pitched stories to Michael Taylor when he was an Executive Producer on Star Trek: Voyager. It’s the closest I ever got to being somebody of note. Continue Reading


What is Rhetoric?

I’m getting back to basics these days because people have forgotten (or maybe they never learned) about writing and creative thinking. It seems I’ve literally run into people who don’t know the difference between being artistic and being autistic. Can you imagine how dark their worlds must be? Always labeling creative people as defective? So in getting back to basics, I decided to look up the word “rhetoric” to see what it says. Continue Reading

The (Barefoot) Writer’s Life

The writer’s life, we all have an idea of what that means. It has something to do with following a passion for ‘the word’ or self expression and getting paid for it. I think we all know accomplishing that is easier said than done, but in general writers are dreamers, and we hold onto the idea that the writing gods might smile special upon us, if only…. And of course people are out there to feed on that dream or take it down a path that is ‘the writer’s life’ in name only. Continue Reading

Third Person Point of View

I wrote this a couple years back. It originally was part of some wikipedia efforts of mine to improve apocryphal (or rebranded) information there under the heading of Alternating person view in the entry under narrative styles. This was up there for 9 months before the original wikipedia writer got all butthurt about it, saying I should have my own page. So much for encyclopedia by committee. This comes from a creative writing curriculum taught in the 1980s by a prof with an MFA in Creative Writing. These days in America most writing courses are taught by idiots on the subject or an English teacher forced into extra service. Anyway… Continue Reading

The Extroverted Writer?

I’ve seen several Internet memes and blogs lately explaining how introverts are different than extroverts. I don’t necessarily disagree with the comparisons, but the tone used seems to treat the introvert as a disabled person who needs special treatment. It’s funny to me because twenty years ago extroverts were the ones seen to be lacking communication skills—embarrassing themselves by being ‘trite’ and spreading false stereotypes. Continue Reading

Is a Facebook Page Necessary?

As a writer I wonder, is a Facebook page necessary? The more I ask that question, the more I consider the idea that an online presence can sometimes do more harm than good. Unless you are a social media writer or a public relations person selling an online presence to businesses, a Facebook page may just be a place that people ‘like’ as a show of support, and then forget about unless the writer is constantly boosting posts into their news-feeds. Continue Reading

Autobiographical Fiction versus Creative Nonfiction

In the rebranding of writing, I suppose there’s nothing more confusing and irksome than the change of autobiographical fiction into creative nonfiction. They are basically the same thing, and the more accurate term to describe the genre is autobiographical fiction. So how and why did the idea of a fictional story based on real events morph into nonfiction embellished with creative elements? Continue Reading