Today’s the Day

“Writers are tortured souls.” Someone spoke those words to me about two-and-a half years ago, and they still ring true—at least for the American writer. I wonder why that’s so, and I realize it’s the reality we create. Continue Reading


Spoiled with Music

I honestly confess that I shed a tear today upon hearing that Prince passed away at age 57. I’m not exactly sure why. I was never a big Prince fan, but his music did hold a place within me. I think my sorrow had to do with the intersection of three things: the sorry state of popular American music today, being so spoiled with music in my life that someone as dedicated and talented as Prince wasn’t all that important to me, and most importantly thinking about the creativity and love of music that many of my personal friends have shared with me. Continue Reading

Know Me

Full Title: Know Me — By Way of Explanation: A Narrative of My Life in Tucson as it Relates to a Hiking Group, Musings from a Writer in the Desert

One of the ideas behind being a creative writer or artist is never to explain yourself to people who don’t get you. Like many things these days, I find myself looking at that idea anew. It feels like few people understand the creative mind anymore, and there’s so many false assumptions that seem to be taking root again. Everyone is putting everyone else into a cage, and I think it’s high time to break out of pigeon-holing with some open communication. Continue Reading

Fully Operational

“Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station.” Nerds quote this line from the emperor, followed by a little laugh. I’m not a big Star Wars fan, but I always thought the little laugh was because most of us nerd types go through life functioning so below our operational abilities that the thought of being fully operational feels so dark side. Meanwhile we see a lot of other people who are caught up and running full tilt climbing a career ladder that usually leads to a better view from a larger cubicle. Continue Reading