The Writer’s New Clothes

A little while ago I wrote about A New Direction for this blog, and lately I’ve had ideas for a series of blogs about ‘The Writer’s Mindset’. There are three specific posts I have in mind, and I will link them below once they are posted. Continue Reading


Ashes to Dust

Throwback to August 16, 2007. This was a character perspective piece attached to the character from my first novel. He’s supposed to be a ghost who died and is trying to make sense of his life. Even though it says “he’s a ghost looking back over 47 years” in the opening of the book, no one seemed to pick up on that. Either I suck as a writer or no one looks at writing as literature anymore. Oh well. This didn’t make it into that book, but I thought it might make it into the followup, which is now dead. So here it is in a blog post, a short little character perspective piece…. Continue Reading

Know Me

Full Title: Know Me — By Way of Explanation: A Narrative of My Life in Tucson as it Relates to a Hiking Group, Musings from a Writer in the Desert

One of the ideas behind being a creative writer or artist is never to explain yourself to people who don’t get you. Like many things these days, I find myself looking at that idea anew. It feels like few people understand the creative mind anymore, and there’s so many false assumptions that seem to be taking root again. Everyone is putting everyone else into a cage, and I think it’s high time to break out of pigeon-holing with some open communication. Continue Reading

The Trump Card

I came up with an idea to write a blog post called “The Trump Card”. It would have been a sharp satirical takedown of presidential candidate Trump served up with vulgarity (unusual for me) and wit—stuff like I used to blog in my younger days when we lived in a more open and free society. But these times took hold of me, and I realized that such a post would miss the mark because we the people have changed. Trump rises because of the darkness in our collective heart. AND it is my fault and your fault more than it is the fault of other Americans who say they support him. Continue Reading

Fertile Ground

A writer needs fertile ground, a life that works to sustain them so that they can find the muse or locate their voice. The times in my life when I’ve been most successful at finding good paying writing work (in its various forms) coincide with being able to write creatively. While I look at creative writing as more of a hobby than something to make a living off of, it’s all part of feeling like a writer. Continue Reading

Hide Your Gifts Away

The Gift. It was a pair of Zuni sun-face earrings. To me they symbolized light and sunshine, a welcome to the Southwest, recognition of an amazing life journey, and friendship. But they weren’t received that way. Instead, they were somehow seen as an attempt to undermine personal safety and pick someone apart. Out of that came an idea for a whole book, or perhaps it might be more accurate to say that I came up with the idea for a new book and then this happened.
Continue Reading

The Scribe Talk Blog

This is my new blog focused on my writing projects. Unlike previous blogs I’ve done, I won’t be going off on satirical rants or sharing my perspectives on issues, mostly because people take satire too seriously these days and my perspectives are as fleeting as whispers on the wind. I’m tired of the whole faux pundit games people play, so much so that one of my projects is a fictional pundit book taking jabs at my own former seriousness.

I plan to share excerpts from my fiction and thoughts about the writing process, giving some insight on where my ideas come from and how ‘fiction’ differs from ‘reality’. The end goal is to complete the two projects currently at the forefront of my writing life, but as a creative writer I know that things don’t always go according to plan. I also know that my books don’t exactly fit a demographic or speak to a particular audience, so they will exist in a sort of no-man’s land—as I imagine this blog will too. I’m good with that. Just more cryptic w(h)it.

In brief, my two projects are:

ThunderBird Talking: From Beyond the Proverbial Grave

As you might guess by the title, this is a followup to my first novel ThunderBird Walking: A Grand Canyon Ghost Story. I think my first book flew way over people’s heads; I’ve heard little from people I know personally, and the writer’s group I shared excerpts with seemed uncomfortable with it even while understanding the story and praising some of the writing. The silence has been amazing, and I found that there was a lot of talking I wanted to do about all that walking, explaining what the book meant. Robbed of good conversation and a sense of community, I found this book coming to the forefront a great deal sooner than I imagined a sequel to TBW might. So this is my anti-pundit pundit book dumbing down my first novel, mostly for myself.

The Ponds of Expatria: An Anthology of Shorts with Thoughts on the Craft of Creative Writing

This book is an anthology of short stories that I wrote in creative writing classes back in the 80s with a few new stories written more recently. In addition to these stories, I plan to add thoughts on the craft of creative writing (and specifically the horror genre) as I learned it all those years ago. I cannot fathom how anyone studying the written word in American today can weed through all the apocryphal information on the internet and come to understand the art of writing. Obviously, I never succeeded professionally as a creative writer—my voice being so odd—but revisiting these old stories and having some new ones come to life has been a nice experience, so I wanted to capture that in a book.

As a rule of thumb, I might post here about twice a month—maybe a little more in the beginning as I have already completed a chapter of the new novel and the short stories are already written. I’m not much of a moderator so the posts may not allow comments or I may not reply to them. I’m not expecting much traffic here; I hope you get something from this blog if you choose to read it.