Musings on Post-Pandemic Technical Writing

It’s been three months now of looking for a new life beyond the Pandemic. I’ve bounced from Tucson to Oregon, through Yellowstone just before the floods, back to Tucson and now to Southern California in San Diego County. All the while I’ve been applying for new work and trying to move beyond the pandemic.  Continue reading

Gone to Oregon

Gone to Oregon for the summer, seeking what lies beyond the pandemic. The world has certainly changed, and it doesn’t feel like there’s a place for ‘writers’ and ‘thinkers’ anymore. Tucson stopped feeling that way or perhaps just robbed whatever I brought there. I stumbled upon fraud more often than not when looking for work, and I even got accused of fraud by the unemployment office. People latched onto an idea of me as their Uber driver not knowing it was only a side gig. Tucson just wasn’t working. Continue reading

The InBetween Summer

Autumn has arrived in Arizona. I didn’t write a blog post the whole summer. I had a few abandoned ideas, but nothing came to fruition. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have much of a working life due to the pandemic. I was living off Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), and the staffing agencies that usually give me contract or temp work were amazingly quiet. Now PUA has ended, and I’m still looking for work. The staffing agencies are still quiet, and there are few other prospects, so it’s looking more and more like I’ll need a seasonal job of some kind for the holidays. Continue reading

The New Subaru Feeling

The feelings that come with a post-modern automobile. I got to experience that for a day with a loaner car from Tucson Subaru while my 2014 XV Crosstrek was getting therapy for a plague of dashboard lights. The CVT had unraveled, held me for ransom even though the car was running fine, and for my troubles I got the latest new-fangled 2021 Outback for a day. A car that can’t be owned because it owns you. Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery Finds the Future

This is a review of Season 3 of Star Trek Discovery (DSC), and believe it or not it’s mostly positive. I guess I like this show because I’ve kept following it since the beginning, albeit complaining that it could be better. If you want to take a journey back into my writing about Discovery in this blog follow this Star Trek tag. The posts that have “Discovery” in the title contain my thoughts going back to Season 1. Continue reading